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UOP called out on spending for teaching students

Here is an interesting fact....

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This should be no surprise. UOP has had the lowest instructional expenditures for many years. 15% might actually be an improvement. 85% overhead reflects both the greed and incompetence of this institution's leadership. UOP should be denied federal aid until they actually spend far more of it on instruction and are comparable to at least community colleges. It is a travesty and the primary reason UOP academics are atrocious by any comparable standard.

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So the full fabric of the university and its programs' quality are why 15% of money received is spent on instruction? An academic cost of 15% makes 85% for overhead? Sounds like overhead is too high for me. Now if we only knew how much GI money UOPX gets, we could then divide it by the number of GI-sponsored students to find how much it is charging to enroll and educate one student. Then we could multiply that times 15% to see the final, actual dollar cost spend on instruction per GI-sponsored student.

Could we do an average class size going back five years and compare instructional costs in dollars and percentage against tuition to see the trends?

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