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It's strange...

...that MS got busted partly for their handling of internet explorer, but at least on windows there was never any restrictions on what 3rd party software was allowed and no obligation to pay Microsoft a 30% tax on sales. Meanwhile Apple has 50 pages of App Store Review guidelines, routinely rejects apps for political reasons. And collects taxes on everything.

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In the 90's Windows had > 90% marketshare of the desktop market and Internet Explorer had > 90% browser marketshare. Globally, iOS is < 25% marketshare. So while Apple holds an app store monopoly on their own phone, you have a comparable alternatives available. Microsoft lost because, "The Court has already found, based on the evidence in this record, that there are currently no products - and that there are not likely to be any in the near future - that a significant percentage of computer users worldwide could substitute for Intel-compatible PC operating systems without incurring substantial costs." In retrospect, that looks questionable, but at the time Windows dominance looked pretty unstoppable.

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