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Tesla has three solid autos, a few billion worth of high tech equipment and parts, and a fairly low percentage -- shrinking perpetually -- of stellar employees; Nothing more, nothing less.

That's the actual sum of complete reality, so ignore most everything Elon says or tweets until Tesla is mass producing a Y, roadster, truck or semi.

It's all frivolous rhetoric and propaganda, at least until Giga 3 is mass producing (late spring, early summer of 2020).

The convertible bonds (60-70% of Tesla/Solar City debt consists of these) will likely never be able to cover debt (convert to stock) due to the seemingly unreachable Tesla stock price targets that the bonds were issued upon -- which means cash-on-hand will be paying ALL debts, at least until May 2019.

BTW, did you see how the spin doctors at r----dlarati are claiming that 4 board members stepping down is not unusual, and is supposed to be an efficiency strategy?

Don't let the charlatan finks fool ya; there are many shareholder lawsuits pending concerning Elon and his flurry of fallacious and greatly exaggerated comments, and his unwarranted or highly overrated claims. That's why his cronies are being ousted from the board. It helps to explain why a recent head of Tesla legal bailed after only a few weeks, and why Tesla is not able to maintain legal counsel for extended periods;

Many shareholder lawsuits are likely filed and pending.

Elon's mindfulness that erratically gushes through his vocal chords and Twitter account, and email, is unfounded excitement that will take years to materialize a new, mass produced model in the US or Europe, to say nothing about paying 10-12 billion dollars of debt by 2025. Unless Elon finds a way to pay 6 billion out of his own pocket for a couple of new domestic manufacturing facilities, that debt becomes 16-18 billion by 2025.

Tesla has not had a profitable year yet, nor is one in sight.

Expect a stock crash and a buyout. It's more likely than most anything else.

And don't forget:

Our loving, all-knowing friends at the federal reserve hiked interest rates to attempt to make a sitting president look even worse than MSM already does. Problem is, it harms Tesla and many other upstarts and struggling companies that are in deep debt, not just a politician.

Have a great day!

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Let's plant some pawpaw trees on Earth/Mars/moon day to show we were there. Only flies pollenate them, and their blooms wreak, and their bark and foliage are poisonous.

The only host is the zebra-tailed butterfly. The cocoon phase is symbolic of the stock crash, temporary closure, and buyout, and the rest of those details fit Tesla well.

Besides, Germans LOVE pawpaw's, so Grohhman will rejoice.

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