Thread regarding Teradata Corp. layoffs

Snowflake = Teradata++?

Someone fron Snowflake, most likely ex Teradata employee,posted here “Join Snowflake” someone responded: Snowflake is a big fat joke.


Please someone honestly Tell me what is the market presense of SF in the IT enterprises of the Fortune 100s?

Also I'd like to know a fortune 500 services company with more than 10 million customers using Snowflake as it's “primary” and only enterprise dwh solution? I will happily join if there's more than 0.

And please don't quote cases where SF exists in the capacity of PoCs and “part of a wider ecosystem”... I consider that Royal B.S. especially if you're an ex-TD-and-now-SF employee.

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Hmm let's see.. huge growth for AWS in AMZN earnings.

Huge growth for Azure in MSFT earnings.

Yep, move to cloud is accelerating alright.

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If they’re not using snowflake, they’re using Athena, Glue, Dynamo, RedShift, and DataPipeline (or the other cloud equivalents).

Customers have woken up to the fact that they don’t need fast when they have good “ML” processes. And the cloud solutions are multiple orders of magnitude cheaper. And the cloud solutions are entirely “use based” pricing (so the bean counters can draw straight lines between what is used and what is spent).

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There is room for speculation about the reasons for TD not to take off again, but there is no need. Wait and see the flat (..if no negative) growth of TD in Q1,..Q2,..and what traction other players have within the same periods. Anyone wanna bet?

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If we rely on Gardner Oracle is #1 and MS #2. But at the end 99% of customers

Could run DW whiteout TD at 50% of the cost . This is reality

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Relying on Gartner, Forrester, etc. to determine technology/services rankings is like relying on family and friends for references. These supposedly impartial entities are anything but. This is why larger corporations always seem to rise to the top and why they have entire departments devoted to things like "analyst relations."

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Let see what Gartner has to say about Teradata and Snowflake comparison...

Traditional Data Warehouse

Teradata : 1st place

Snowflake: 9th place

Real-Time Data Warehouse

Teradata: 1st place

Snowflake: 8th place

Logical Data Warehouse

Teradata: 1st place

Snowflake: 13th place

Context-Independent Data Warehouse

Teradata: 1st place

Snowflake: 10th place

Capabilities and Weightings Evaluation Criteria:

  • Access to Multiple

  • Data Sources

  • Administration and Management

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Data Ingest

  • Managing Large Volumes of Data

  • Optimized Performance (Traditional)

  • Optimized Performance (Exploratory)

  • Flexible Scalability

  • Variety of Data Types

  • Workload Management

  • Use Support (Traditional)

  • Use Support (Exploratory)

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Q1 results will confirm is strategy is good or not good .

Majority say Disaster

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The discussion should be about how much is gonna grow each company. It looks like TD go to market strategy is about shrinking and getting rid of talent while SF and others are taking advantage of it. Do not try to defend what it is already considered the biggest LT mistake in TD history. Its future is crystal clear !!!

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Some customer running

SF ...


SF is the primary choose for Cloud

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