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Don't be so quick to leave CDK

I did, and I regretted it within a month. The job I moved to turned out to be completely different than what I expected - and completely different than what I was led to believe during the interview - and let's just say that managers leave a lot to be desired.

Not saying this is everybody's experience, but with no way to truly get a sense of a work environment before committing to a job, staying at a relatively good company might be a better option.

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Don’t leave an awful job because the next job may not be perfect. That’s some great advice. Stick around and be miserable until you’re fired. That’s the ticket.

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People like you won’t be missed with left

Go b--ch on Twitter

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"Don't be so quick to leave CDK" --- TOTAL BS

Try for a new job.

For others........ Leave this sh*t h0le if u get anything outside.

Anything is better than working here between the politics and untalented people. Especially the ones sitting in India. Its a pathetic scene there with imperious management taking arbitrary decisions all the time. It's so messed up there. Only the favourite will get whatever they desire and others need to prove themselves for every little thing.

I'm glad to have left such an environment and I'm quite happy now.

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People don’t leave jobs. They leave bosses. The men who have been promoted to leadership positions at CDK leave a lot to be desired. They can’t think for themselves and are constantly keeping their associates down. Don’t question why. JUST DO.

Pathetic. Here is hoping the new CTO does something about the good ol’ boy system that is running rampant in R&D

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“Relatively good job” —- hahaha!

BS - you should keep searching - just because you landed somewhere you don’t like doesn’t mean people should stay in jobs they know they don’t like, working for a company who’s actions show they don’t value their employees.

I really hope this was posted by CDK HR...

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