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I really don't want to be laid off

I'm seeing so many people hoping to be laid off, especially from my generation - but I'm definitely not among them.

It's been so long since I filled out a job application or did a job interview (we are talking decades here) - I'm not sure what to expect if I find myself in a position of having to find a new job.

Constant layoffs aside, Teradata is really not that bad to work for. Its not what it once was, but there are also plenty of worse places to work.

Good luck to all who want to leave, but I really hope I get to stay.

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Tot employees remaining YTD

8980 . No way to fire all. We will not lay-off

We will stay until Oliver will stay,

TD has good customer and goo products.

Don’t need consulting

We will stay snowflake will take 10 years to replace 1 TD

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Well did you post here to get a pat on the back from people who Teradata's laid off, rightly or wrongly? Time and a place for everything... and we thought the dinosaurs were already extinct ...

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You people are mean. Do you have to bash a person for just giving their opinion and sharing their thoughts? Geez.... is it so hard to be kind?

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wow you’re exactly who should be laid off or fired!!

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Spoken like a true dinosaur. Decades spent at a company and worried and coming off as scared of facing an interview... It means that a) the company doesn't do nearly enough cutting edge stuff b) you haven't kept abreast of whats happening in the world.

Exactly the type of person to take to the guillotine! LMAO

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You are good enough sponsor... like the customers that will shift to other Solutions

Mediocrity is exactly what you get

If you want to look at continues learning you should look outside.

Talent Manager are not look at good enough people.

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