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More layoffs at PayPal next month?

As if the past few months haven't been bad enough, now I'm hearing there might be more layoffs sometime in May. People are talking at the office, and since last time that happened we really did have layoffs, I'm now getting all worked up over it all over again.

Does anybody know more about this possibility? Hopefully somebody here can confirm it's not happening?

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I heard it was supposed to end in May... but it seems like if you worked at PayPal longer than 3 years you've over stayed your welcome.

I've been there for 7 years and after that first 2 weeks of training is when all the lies and things are exposed and when I started worrying about getting laid off.

You heard me right after 2 weeks of lies and deception of PayPal saying it's the best place to work and I should quit school to have PayPal as a career when they said "okay this is how it really is" in a ghetto accent is when I knew this job was horrible.

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