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Spooks! Who are they?

Education Principle Foundation, a Delaware nonprofit with no annual budget and almost no internet presence, announced Friday, (1/18/19), it had acquired some of the campuses from the Dream Center. Yet it appears that a group of private investors are behind the deal to acquire the Art Institutes and South University campuses.

Why would anyone get involved with this student pump and dump? Students protect yourselves and stay clear.

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"your way of thinking."

The source is old, old news. The wall street types are hardly hiding.

So far, they are front and center and running things quite well in comparison to the past.

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I can understand your wanting to protect the students from potential investment bankers' pump and dump behavior that has recently befallen so many of the former and now defunct EDMC and DCEH Ai and South University schools by asking for the source of my thread.

So as per your request I have provided below the source of the literature behind my ADMONITION to STUDENTS to stay clear of the South University, Ai mess as the Wall Street 'spokes' behind this latest debacle and misadventure don't seem to want to reveal themselves.

To my way of thinking, Wall Street types hiding in the shadows is a red light that does not bode well for the academic and financial well being of the students of these failing schools. Is it just me or do you also believe that this hastily constituted 'Delaware nonprofit with no annual budget and almost no internet presence' run by 'spooks' is suspicious the way I do.

But thank you again for holding my feet to the fire. It's without a doubt a character building exercise for which I am grateful.

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