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UniStore implosion fallout ...

Scuttlebutt indicates early May for Cloud+AI to purge folks brought over from UniStore. Foreign subsidiaries already getting the purge news. Redmond next. Employees are being encouraged to job hunt "sooner rather than later" by decent managers. Probelm is many teams that will be hiring won't be until the FY turns over.

Cloud+AI held onto services from UniStore that are not a part of their charter specifically to use as purge fodder. Profitable customer facing services are at risk.

All this after record earnings.

Here's to hoping the rumors are wrong. But I don't think they are.

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The team in Paris got screwed pretty hard.

All told, Paris + Redmond : about 15 people.

Paris owns several "first party" (IE: consumer facing) services and after getting orged into C+AI that's no longer in the charter. Lamanna used the Paris org as a headcount ATM for RIFF purposes and has decided to, at best, let the services atrophy.

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Emails out to several people from the store side of the reorg that I know. "Important" last minute meetings with their lead or skip-level manager.

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Who would have thought you could simply retrain a bunch of windows store folks into world class experts in AI ? Oh well, I guess scottgu needs to fire a few 100 people to justify his annual $2m salary. Anyone under 30 will get 6 months to look internally, older folks can expect RIF package.

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