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Medtronic to lay off 100 people in Santa Rosa, CA

Not surprising. This happened yesterday. The article states, "Medtronic is handling the job eliminations with the highest possible degree of compassion and sensitivity toward employees." Where was that sensitivity when I, along with 9 of my colleagues were laid off 2 years prior to this. "Redeployment opportunities," were also mentioned as a way to spare some employees. No such opportunities 2 years ago. Call it sour grapes if you want, but 18 years with a company should mean something.

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How else will they pay Martha, White, Hootman, and the other knucklehead? Gotta pay these knuckleheads some I right?!

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Ex-AVE here. Medtronic is a bean counting culture that ships jobs to the cheapest part of the world while ripping off the US medical patrons. Even moved their headquarters to Ireland to avoid taxes. The little guy means nothing to them. Upper management pays and bonuses themselves well. If they could close Santa Rosa, they would to save a buck.

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