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We need to have management layoffs

Why are there so many useless managers at F5 Networks? They know so little about their jobs that when a decision needs to me made, there is nobody who can actually make it.

This is one of the reasons why the company has no clear direction or execution. Not that that much can be accomplished with so many layers of management, anyhow.

There is major fat to be trimmed at F5, but it’s not among the employees - it’s among the management. For once it would be great if we had a layoffs round where the right people would be targeted.

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Start with IT. Too much of waste here both in terms of people and resources.

So many contractors who do nothing. Seems so strange that we keep on bringing contractors who just sit and pass time.

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Well, I can’t dispute your points per se, but I can tell you I was a manager at F5, and was cut in the last round in August last year. While some managers may be ineffective, I certainly was not. I delivered value in various roles for many years: it it still mystifying to me why I was chosen. My team loved and respected me, as did my peers. Regardless, I ended up somewhere so much better, I’m absolutely giddy with happiness. So, it all worked out

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