Thread regarding Dream Center Education Holdings, LLC (DCEH) layoffs

What does any of these machinations mean for South? In our Southeast area

it has been around a very long time and produced lots of health professionals. Everyone in the medical community knows someone who went there (nurses, pharmacists, techs, occupational therapists, etc) or knows people whose kid may go there.

No local information in SC on what might happen to South. Very quiet. But some of us wonder if we will wake up one day and it is closed like some of these other schools do. With just some sign on the door.

Anyone know if South is separate enough from all this Argosy mess that it will just stay separate and continue for another may decades? Because if not the case, many people in their 20's down here need to know before they enter the school. Not fair what happens when they close.

Asking here because no information given by school or in local papers. This is only place on the web with any insight on South.

-- Concerned in SC

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: @YMlYAd8-1qve—2% of anything is below any measurable metric of success. SMH. I get the loyalty because if we own this s&$t, it sticks to us. Loud and proud I admit there were times I felt uncomfortable and compromised ethically but I chose to do what I could to weed out the 60 year olds who insisted on online classes with no online or computer experience at all. My challenge was management. They said you never know....yes I knew. I’m Free! Thank you!

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Say what you want. Mislead if so inclined. But no matter how you spin a 2% graduation rate, the lipstick has long been off this pig.

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Clearly you have no idea what the graduates comprise of in this 2%... First time, full time freshman who start and graduate from the school. If you knew anything about South University, it is a non-traditional school that is comprised of students that have transferred from another school. South University is an excellent school that has produced some amazing Nurses, PTA's, OTA's, Pharmacists, and the list goes on.

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Sounds great but their are many of us still working for “saved “ South schools who are still getting screwed by DCEH and South has washed their hands of those employed who have DCEH issues.

No help at all!!

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"It's been around for a very long time." (This is a statement based on fraud) as usual.

Fact: South University has been owned and has changed greedy hands three times within the past year and a few months. In very recent times it was initially owned by the now defunct Education Management Corporation and run into the ground and then sold to the now in receivership Dream Center Educational Holdings who turned around and parceled them off to the hastily formed non-profit ( a joke) Education Principal Foundation. Sound stable to you? All three organizations were and are Wall Street investment banker pirates without the slightest concerns for healthcare education. They use the schools as a means to gain unbridled access to federal student loan money without having to account for their historically abysmal graduation and retention rates. Look them up. Their infamy precedes them.

Below is from the government sponsored site and paints a picture of the South University schools that belie their laughable claims of student success.

But look them up for yourselves and understand that there are many other cost effective and much better ways to become a health care professional. And at a fraction of the price, from reputable schools and not fly by night financially unstable organizations that put you at great risk for failure.

Below is just a sampling of the statistics that this failure factory produces. And they're so proud of it they will NEVER mention them to you.

South University-Savannah Online. (Have no fear the ground schools are similarly terrible.) So her goes.

Savannah, GA

5,242 undergraduates


Annual Cost




2%<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<WOW!!! You've read that right!

Salary After



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Thank you so much for this. Lowers the fear level when it comes to sending a child to college there. The programs always well thought of. But one wonders about financial problems these days. No one wants a school to just shut its doors. The stories from that are always awful.

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South University- on-ground campuses and South University, Online has successfully broken away from DCEH and is independent under the Department of Education. A few SU, on-ground campuses are in "teach-out" mode or closing, including SU, Cleveland, SU, High Point, NC and SU, Novi, Michigan outside of Detroit. The other 9 on-ground campuses and South University, Online are stable and doing well under current management changes in the past few months. South U has been accepting Argosy University students in transfer in all programs and I am not sure of status of the remaining Argosy University campuses. South University, health professions programs- nursing all programs, physician assistant programs, pharmacy programs, anesthesia assistant programs and medical assisting programs are all doing well but a few programs may not be available on some on-ground campuses. We finally have much better new benefits for employees effective 5/1/19 returning to Aetna PPO and all good benefits instead of questionable benefits we had last year under DCEH. :-) I hope this helps you in SC.

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