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How to Set-up a Scam Business (The Elements of The Confidence Game) like South University

When choosing a business that primarily depends on making people (students) believe that you're offering them value for their hard earned dollars, it's essential that you first identify an opportunity that heretofore has remained outside the realm of the usual and well known scams of the past. In doing so let's list some of the things it takes to get the job (scam) done.

  1. As previously mentioned, it's very important for the career sociopath to pick an "industry," and they love the word industry, even though their industry doesn't produce much of anything; but let's face it, it sounds on the level, doesn't it? Ex. South University Online has a 2% graduation rate as per collegescorcard .gov. And no it's not a-that's laughable-"transfer school." Good try.

  2. So what would be an "Industry" that would foot the bill, so to speak, as being relatively untainted by the predator quick-buck flim-flam artists? You've got it. That's right. Post Secondary Education! In this "industry" you can build "colleges and universities" that have all the trappings of legitimate schools, including the bell towers (at South) that for some inexplicable reason never toll. (maybe they're fake too?)

  3. It is beyond important to recruit employees, especially those who are desperate and easily susceptible to boiler room indoctrination tactics. ( this is literally a confidence science in and of itself)

  4. In order to keep the cash flow alive and well, it is of paramount importance to over pay your recruits. This will promote loyalty towards the scheme and allow you as the lead manager scammer to easily cull the non-performers or those who allow the pangs of conscience to interfere with tapping the ongoing loan bonanza. ( remember the goal is always to get money for nothing) This is why they always use as a barometer or bellwether to measure their success.

  5. There's so much to say, but last, and I can't stress this enough, when selecting the scam 'industry" of your choice, it is beyond important to absolutely ensure that whomever is the primary source of your easy money-for-nothing scheme it is important to identify the one source that requires no accountability or work product. That would of course be the Federal Government Title IV student loan program. Your tax dollars at work---sweet!!!

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South is broke get woke

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No transparency when they transferred AI and South. They obviously took the

best schools hoping to make a big profit selling the schools in the future. i agree

wholeheartedly with previous poster.

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