Thread regarding ConocoPhillips layoffs

Happy 7-Year Anniversary. If next 7-years are like the first 7 years, it is over. Shareholder meeting is May 14

ConocoPhillips became an independent E

MARKET CAP: 2012-2019 7-year CAGR of 1.0 percent per year

May 1, 2012: $68.6 Billion

May 1, 2019: $73.7 Billion (Compound Annual Growth Rate: 1.2 percent, Poor, poor shareholder)

DIVIDEND: Decreased 54 percent

May 1, 2012: $2.64 per share

May 1, 2019: $1.22 per/ share (poor, poor shareholder)

SHARE PRICE: 2012-2019 7-year CAGR of 1.5 percent per year

May 1, 2012: $56.51 per share

May 1, 2019: $62.67 per share (poor, poor shareholder)

PROVED RESERVES: Decreased 38 percent

Reported YE 2012: 8.6 MMBOE

Reported YE 2018: 5.3 MMBOE

PRODUCTION: Decreased 14 percent

Reported 2012 Daily Average: 1,527 MBOEPD

Reported Jan-Mar 2019 Daily Average: 1,318 MBOEPD

EMPLOYEES: Decreased 36 percent

Reported YE 2012: 16,900

Reported March 1, 2019: 10,800 (So sad. So sad. All those people gone. So sad)

May 1, 2012: World largest independent E&P based on production, reserves & market cap

May 1, 2019: Displaced by OXY following pending Anadarko acquisition

All of this achieved since May 1, 2012. CEO has received in excess of $100 million dollars in total compensation during this period.

Shareholder meeting is May 14, 2019, shareholders need to demand changes in BoD and Executive Management. This has to stop.

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Someone should ask about the North American unconventional mastery we’ve been screaming and beating our chests about for the past 5 years. How’s that been working?

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The first question at the shareholder meeting should be, “what is the cumulative ATNI from APLNG? Eagle Ford?” Followed up by, “how much cumulative CapEx have we spent on these two assets, including purchase price?” Followed up by, “And who is accountable for this and what action was taken?” Cumulative earnings don’t lie because accounting standards limit games.

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