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I hate this lack of transparency

Good management is honest and open with its employees even when times are tough. It seems to me that we are purposefully left in a dark about what's happening at GE Digital. Layoffs come and go out of the blue, and each time we are left guessing if that was all and if and when more will be coming.

Sad, really. All of this would be much easier on so many people if management would practice some transparency instead of practicing avoidance and hiding their plans.

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Not sure where you are based, but the “soft landing” are legal requirements in some jurisdictions (BC, Canada for example).

It’s not because GED has mercy.

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I actually find Eddie to be pretty frank about the problems faced by GED compared to many places I've seen. At least they are giving people a soft landing. At this point if you can't read the writing on the wall you're just being willfully blind.

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Management literally just released three days worth of video on their Quarterly Performance Review, watch it.

Also, more transparency would be easier for whom? Like, what more do you want to know? The selection process?

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