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The secretive new Illuminati owners

Critics of for-profit institutions and nonprofit conversions by some for-profits said they were concerned about the ownership changes for the Art Institutes and its sister universities.

“It looks highly questionable,” said Robert Shireman, a senior fellow at the Century Foundation and a former Obama administration Education Department official. “It’s the type of very sketchy nonprofits that we have seen emerging recently.”

Take your money while you can and get the hell out of dodge is my advice.

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YES, we want info on who is financing the remaining schools. If you no longer work at an AI, move on. Nobody needs your negative posts.

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But the Los Angeles-based for-profit Studio Enterprise describes itself as a provider of services to the also-LA-based for-profit Studio School. A person close to DCEH management told me that Colbeck Capital Management is a key investor in the Studio School and Studio Enterprise. That person reaffirmed Tuesday night, “Colbeck owns Studio.” Echoing that information, a 2015 article in Variety about the Studio School, then called Relativity School, states that investors in the school “include Colbeck Capital, one of Relativity’s major lenders.” Colbeck leaders Beckman and Colodne previously served on the Relativity board.

Colbeck, under Beckman and Colodne, also lent $362 million to help finance the giant Internet p--nography aggregation company Manwin (later called MindGeek), then the operators of sites including p--nhub, example, and Redtube.

Really, calling attention to the Art Institutes page is only going to bring this stuff up in Search Engine results. Is this what you're aiming for Mr. Shill?

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