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Unisys used to handle layoffs much better

I worked for Sperry/Unisys for 28 years until I took the severance package in 2008. I was one of about 200 from hardware engineering to to be RIF'd in that wave. We weren't happy about losing our jobs, but we were treated with respect. We were told of the impending reduction months in advance and were given the opportunity to "volunteer". If we were accepted for the package we were told when our exit would take place. Most of us got 3 to 5 months advance notice. Plenty of time to network and start looking. And then when we left we got cash for our vacation balance and our pay continued for a period based on our service. One week pay per year of service up to a max of 26 weeks.

So, Unisys may have booted some out, but others fared much better.

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I worked in the Federal Division fro 95-2010 when our business sector was sold. We enjoyed our time c the Federal group, bright, professional and acknowledgment of performance. Made many friends in Unisys and also learned the profession much better.

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Major mistake when Flight Systems, Marine Radar and farm equipment were sold. Short term thinking by Senior management after merger. Employees and stock holders paid the price for their errors.

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Yeah, Unisys / Burroughs was good to me.

Remembered the name of the lady that ran the Ada After Hours class. Thanks Terri P.

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Err, sorry for the alternate spelling above of Treddyfrin.

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I worked for Burroughs / Unisys as an intern/summer hire in the mid 80's at Treddiffrin.

Their "After Hours" program was good. Shout out to the lady, can't remember her name, that ran a programming languages class that covered Ada.

Was there when the merger occurred. I never really understood why they did it. The slogan, Power of 2, was goofy.

I got the feeling that the company survived on government contracts with perhaps higher margins than it should.

I didn't really see people treated poorly, but the company seemed to lack a technological vision.

Unfortunately, it seems to be the way things are that jobs will be sent to low cost areas.

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