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Revenue is down

Not that I'm gloating... I'm just worried this might lead to even more layoffs down the line... I guess we have to wait and see... I hate that Blizzard is now a part of this mess...

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Hi there cranky old man who is for some reason complaining on a layoff message board. You're blaming Gen Z for not playing WoW-clone garbage?

MMORPGs died because League of Legends k–led it, the MMO boom was a gold rush much in the same way the MOBA gold rush was ended by PUBG and Fortnite. MMORPGs are way too expensive to produce in general, they're almost a million dollars to produce for very little ROI and take 5 years to develop which is why the well dried up from in 2014 (5 years after LoL).

Even then, Minecraft, GTAO, Warframe, Ark, etc are all effectively MMOs just not in name only, and they're better than WoW. This is coming from someone who played these EQ-likes and WoW-clones from the 1996 to 2014. MMOs had two options, evolve or die and they decided to die.

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Pretty sad when a company is doing poorly when people are locked down WITH NOTHING ELSE TO DO.

It's just as much Gen Z's fault as it is Blizzard. I have never seen a more intolerable, obnoxious, unbearable demographic of humans anywhere on this planet at any time in my life as I find these bratty, obnoxious Obama public-school generation brats.

They don't even realize it yet but their arrogance and narcissism is chocking out these games. There won't be many left.

Look at the horizon right now.. Not a single decent budget "big box" MMO coming. NADA. ZERO.

Ashes of Creation - cash grab status, from inside information

The only sliver of hope is Amazon's Middle Earth game. That's it.


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