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ADP Stock Grant- After Severance

Has anyone seen/ heard examples of an employee still getting their stock grant that vests in September, even if they were laid off prior to the Sept vesting date? Can stock vesting that fall within the 6 month severance still vest as part of the package?

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Same for me, but keep an eye on them. Mine actually "disappeared" on the Fidelity site and I had to have my attorney call ADP. They claimed it was an "error" and they were back in a week. The only believable part of the story was that ADP made a mistake!

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As long as the stock grant vesting date is within the time frame of the severance period (usually 6 months), your grant will be award to you. My grant vested on Aug and my severance end at Sept of the same year, so I got the grant no problem. But the other grant that not yet vested (the following year) will be discarded.

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