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The real story behind SAP layoffs!

The plan was set forth by Bjoern Goerke, chief technology officer and head of SAP’s cloud platform, that SCP will provide the integration platform between acquired SAP cloud apps ( SuccessFactors, Ariba, and Concur). Also, that SCP will provide an integration platform between on-premises apps and cloud apps. The plan was approved by Bernd Leukert who ran global services as the execution arm and Robert Enslin who ran SAP's cloud business.

Almost no progress was made despite many deadline extensions.

Meanwhile, Salesforce acquired MuleSoft (a leading integration platform) and quickly made progress with customers leveraging Mulesoft API network technology on the the Salesforce platform. In the last couple of years, SAP lost almost every competitive deal against SFDC and Workday launched a strong financial system in addition to HCM and analytics.

S/4HANA had a number of high profile failures in Europe and the US. These created a lot of FUD in the customer base about the ability of SAP to deliver and a number of pilots were consequently cancelled.

At the same time, the cost of developers and marketing spend on SCP and HANA escalated quickly.

The final blow came with SAP's internal project of migrating their own SuccessFactors Employee Central from Oracle to HANA. SuccessFactors was acquired in 2011 and the SuccessFactors CTO and developers resisted this idea from the get go. SAP pushed and SF sabotaged.

The solution was offered by Elliot to Bill. Blame the 3 execs in charge of SCP, HANA, and cloud business and remove enough cost (senior employees) to report a positive quarter to mask the abject failure in development and sales execution.

End of story.

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i am not sure what Bjoern can do when a lot of the product teams were not given budget for additional product development. Product teams with money were in US like Fiori team.

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Million or should I say billion dollar question...what’s the plan now?

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Great high level summary. Thanks for posting.

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