Thread regarding MGM Resorts layoffs

MGM Resorts should lose its tax breaks!

The Corporate Tax breaks are intended to allow the corporations to "create new jobs"- in theory this benefits the middle class. The problem arises when you get a greedy corporation (like MGM Resorts) who uses the extra money to invest in technology to eliminate jobs. By 2020 they will be displacing thousands of workers as they implement machines that replace bartenders, cashiers, room service attendants, etc. A corporation like MGM Resorts that uses its tax beaks to ELIMINATE jobs instead of CREATING jobs should lose its tax breaks!

Keep in mind that as they are laying off all of these people they are raising prices for the consumers too. ( Beware of the $4 hidden charge many of the outlets add on to the price of your drink without your consent!) TRUE CORPORATE GREED!@#!! ZERO REGARD FOR THE WORKING OR CONSUMING MIDDLE CLASS!@#!

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