Thread regarding Teradata Corp. layoffs

Consulting Spin-Off urgent

Result are very good ARR is double digit grow.

Total recurring and save business is 1.4 M$

After selling services TD will be a company

With 5000 employees, 1.5M$ Rev and 40% GM

They need to accelerate the spin-off of consulting ASAP.

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Any rumors off spin/off?

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Vantage is only available in subs.

So perpetual is normal that is reducing.

The stock will be high after the next massive Spin-Off.

Consulting is for SI not For SW company

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I think you are one that thinks the results are better than what they loving they kool-aide aren’t you.

Perpetual rate from companies is at a lower rate than what the ARR growth is so please explain that to us. And we are talking double digits

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