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What is everyone hearing?

Are there layoffs coming soon, or are they waiting until the merger is finalized next year?

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I’m hearing that Sharon L—b is a vile c u n t who backstabbed her way to the top. But that’s nothing new.

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Texas DM's and territories will be facing the worst of it first. Year after year of stagnant and declining sales compared to McGraw counterparts will lead to consolidation. Mcgraw DM's and reps for the most part will most likely remain untouched since they essentially cost the organization much less in salary and perks, Cengage in this region will not be recognizable in 6 months. Midwest next, and a big axe not a scalpel will be applied to the redundant KAM's first. Territory reps will be consolidated, those that are paid less will be favored and we all know we are paid more at Cengage with better perks. It will be entertaining to watch all the phony women lose their fake jobs in the process witness the backstabbing, back biting and just plain typical Cengage female behavior decimate themselves from within. Good riddance ladies, apply more makeup, wear your thinnest yoga pants, brush up your resume, paint your nails... You'll be the laughingstocks on linkedin begging for another fake job.

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