Thread regarding FORTIS Colleges and Institutes layoffs

Numbers like this do not bode well for Fortis

Programs with low graduation rates and low gainful employment rates cannot last long. How well is your program doing? Are students graduating? Are they finding gainful employment? And are they finding work that can pay enough so that former students can pay off their student loans?

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Another consideration is "gainful employment." Erie has already closed. But how can Centerville, OH and Norfolk, VA survive with low gainful employment numbers?

Centerville, OH: legal assistant/paralegal, AA

Centerville, OH: criminal justice/safety studies, AA

Centerville, OH: medical insurance specialist/medical biller, AA

Centerville, OH: medical/clinical assistant, AA

Norfolk, VA: criminal justice/safety studies, AA

Norfolk, VA: health information/medical records technology/technician, AA

Norfolk, VA: medical/clinical assistant, AA

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Fortis is garbage. Ross Medical is actually legit and probably a survivor. Not all for profits are horrible. But Fortis is defintely on the horrible side of the ledger (and many non-profits are as well as people are beginning to understand).

JLL's Ross delivers on a need and the people get jobs (no idea if they can justify the tuition).

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JLL Partners is the actual owner of Fortis. Education Affiliates is the go between. What are JLL's plans for the future of Fortis? It is notable that JLL's portfolio includes another group of career schools (Ross Medical), a payday lender (ACE Cash Express), a body armor company (Point Blank), a litigation firm, and other medically related companies.

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What is an acceptable time to finish a program? What is an acceptable level for gainful employment?

What should Fortis do with programs that have unacceptable graduation rates and unacceptable rates of gainful employment?

Are these gainful employment numbers being audited? If so, who is auditing them?

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