Thread regarding Conduent layoffs

When will it start?

And how bad will it get?

Conduent leadership will have to make up for these disastrous results and a drop in share price somehow, and sadly cutting more employees is the easiest way for them to do so.

So buckle up everybody, this ride is about to get very bumpy.

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Unfortunately you are an unwilling casualty of the mismanaged company. Too many at the top making knee jerk decisions. So sorry this happened. Go get yourself a position that will value YOU, this one sure won’t.

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I started working for MMC grp in Feb 2019, after I passed my background check and my d--g screen, I was told I would convert over to Conduent after 90 days if conduent was pleased with my work. Before my 90 days was up I got an offer letter from Conduent I accepted I received another email requesting a background check again I accepted and complied, I received another email congratulating me and advised me I need to submit a copy of my ss card and DL again I went in and gave my copies signed my paper work and was advised I would be Conduent full time on May 18, 2019, however when I went into work on May 17,2019 I found I was laid off, imagine my shock. I beleive that MMC and Conduent both gave me false hope and this is malicious abuse, I had never been late never missed a day and all of a sudden gone just gone. I was never given the opportunity to step down for lesser pay I never given the opportunity for another position, I not given a reason, I was not given any documentation stating i was laid off. I truly believe that conduent and MMC were really unfair and down right not good to me still don't have a clear understanding in what happened to me. just gone

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