Thread regarding Dream Center Education Holdings, LLC (DCEH) layoffs

Letter from Arizona board to Woz U -- much DCEH commentary

UPDATE: Here’s the May 6 letter from the Arizona board to Steve Wozniak's #4profit Woz U, implementing its actions and formally stating its concerns about conduct by both Woz U and Dream Center.

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I also liked the AZ Republic article, outside of the fact that they seemed to really not mention BR old trademark as being the big brains behind Grand Canyon would think that would be kinda a big deal.

Anyways, I think the little fraud Shelly Murphy said it best "BR is really the OZ behind the curtain.." seriously. Right now, I wish I was an attorney because these guys have really put it out there. Oh yeah, lets not forget SM was an original Exective at DCEH and ran the FORMER Arizona Higher Education Loan Authority into the ground, which still happens to claim she is CEO of. Also wonder why no one seems to mention the brand new Dream Center up in N. Phoenix which was the owner of this mess to begin with. C'mon AZ Republic, we can do so much better.....

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