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Leadership should consider eliminating eith AD roles or the Manager roles. Since “the best” practices are participating why are so many managers needed? Training is done by Deann and team or Humana training right? Looking to save more money eliminating unnecessary levels of leadership should be considered. The AD’s could oversee the practices.

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3 of us hired around the same time all agree. The training is the worst we have ever been given. anywhere. You are somehow by magic expected to know EVERYTHING. the trainers are tired and worn out... people quitting, leaving, laid off, train train train...'s how to save money. KEEP your people. Treat them well. Your employees are HUMAN not robots.

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Notice how layoffs always come about just before review by the board... so they can say "we saved the company this much" and it is not determined by how you work, you are just a number. You can be the hardest working person on your team , be there everyday, help everyone, take on more responsibility and work on projects when asked but in the end... you are nothing. But. a. number. Lay off the whole team and move on. Hire back off the street. Offer a less than optimal position working weekends or late hours. No... they really don't care. About their members or their workers. You are only a number.

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