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Leadership has been failing miserably

Leadership has been failing miserably, in fact they have practically outsourced leadership as many of the top leaders SVP and C suite are now consultant hires, whose consultations was horrendous so they thought that having them be Allscripts might work better. In reality it is management trying to line their pockets with as much money as possible before they bail. Check out the leadership pay packages.

Sales is the clown, as they will give away the farm to sale a cow. Services and support has deteriorated cause many of the SME have left, or are sick of working after hours and weekends with no extra compensation. The regular worker have not gotten a bonus even if they hit all their metrics for like 4+ years now. Only sales and upper management gets their bonus.

However, at the end of the day its the market which has continually moved toward single solution software, versus the combined piecemeal solution that was used to build Allscripts solution. When they have clients that merge, and on the same platform but have a hard time with interoperability and getting them on the same system the clients do not see the synergistic effect that they had hoped for, so they shop elsewhere.

There are still some very talented folks but at the end o the day the marketplace is Cerner in public sector, and Epic in private. Allscripts gets the leftover, which are few and far in between. However, all others have practically given up. Check athenahealth who are no longer even taking any RFP anymore.

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