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2 southern new jersey OD stores are closing in May. Corporate told employees all was well and then just came in one day and dropped the news. District managers have already been let go. Supposed to be restructuring but closing stores that are still viable and profitable makes little sense.

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Went inside the Voorhees store on 4/7 and the place looks fairly well-stocked - printers, ink carts, toner, writing implements, paper stock, etc. The outside sign now says 50% off but inside you find it's mostly 5% to maybe 20% on stuff you'd be interested in. Some items (like stationery) have no markdown pricing at all. Markdowns are X% off catalog price, so no real deals. It looks like the regular OD staff, not closeout company employees. Where will I take my empty ink carts now??

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3/31/19 - Voorhees, NJ store has signs saying it's closing ("this location only") and offering 40% off everything. Haven't ventured inside to see.

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