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Scavengers in the for-profit college crash

Looks like other subprime colleges will try to pick up Argosy students. Some of these schools are in dire straights themselves.

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@YfLuw2f-piy Because they think people are stupid.

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Well here's a testimonial of note from a formerly jettisoned subprime student being asked to light three on a match, with a discount to boot---so o speak.

"Received an email from my academic counselor at Argosy and said she was hired by South and is reaching out to all of her old Argosy students as South is offering a 30% discount. Why would I want to be affiliated with the same corporation that closed my original school? I would not be eligible to have my loans discharged if I signed up with SUO. If I got food poisoning from a fast food restaurant (DCEH) I would not go back to their knock-off restaurant and try the same food again."

*If at first you don't succeed try ,try again until they've exhausted your loan money, closed shop or both.

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