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Teradata will be losing market share and shrinking

Teradata will be losing market share and shrinking. The bulk of revenue traditionally was/is coming from on-prem hardware refreshes and there is limited future with this business model. Core database technology is good, but it’s complex and there are a lot of moving parts. Cloud providers such as SF, Redshift, Google are good enough and provide cheaper, easier to use and more scalable solutions while Teradata’s strength in the cloud is not so evident. Vantage is not a game changer. It’s great to have Aster functionality finally merged with a core product, why would customers pay for it with so many alternatives for ML.

Think that @Yb8qRwy-3avk said it right.

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All this talk about Buy Out and Take Over. Who the Hell wants it? They have had this lousy company on the market for the past 2 years, no takers. 35 year old tech gets you no pay day these days. I'm not disgruntled because I was laid off or canned. I hate being lied to. I wasn't laid off, I quit before they could get me. Good jobs are out there folks, especially if you were from one of the acquisitions they wasted millions on acquiring just to dismantle. If all you know is Teradata, your skill set is dated and you might find a job on a Teradata to Current Tech migration team. Stay current or die with the dinosaurs.

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Yes and Q1 revenue is a disaster.

Subscription cover only 200M.

The remaining is missing, 0 new accounts in2019

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