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Nobody wants us

All this talk about Buy Out and Take Over. Who the Hell wants it? They have had this lousy company on the market for the past 2 years, no takers. 35 year old tech gets you no pay day these days. I'm not disgruntled because I was laid off or canned. I hate being lied to. I wasn't laid off, I quit before they could get me. Good jobs are out there folks, especially if you were from one of the acquisitions they wasted millions on acquiring just to dismantle. If all you know is Teradata, your skill set is dated and you might find a job on a Teradata to Current Tech migration team. Stay current or die with the dinosaurs.

Excellent point by @YfOsEvZ-2bap.

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The only interesting reason to buy TD is the cash .... but this going to reduce.

All but TD customers move DW in cloud but selecting another technology.

People stay to get money when will be fired.

The only risk is that are coming obsolete like the company assets.

The end is round the corner (Q2)

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