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What happens to Chemicals now that we own SABIC?

Aramco has long struggled with downstream, period. Chemicals in particular. Just look at SADARA. SABIC might not be all that, but its pretty safe to say that they have done better than Aramco. It would make sense to let the SABIC folks run the whole shebang from Riyadh. I guess they could bring a few expats from Dhahran to Riyadh, but I can't image that SABIC would need everybody. Just wondering what you guys think ...

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Who’s the “we” who owns Sabic? The government owns Aramco and now the government owns Sabic, the government owns the PIF, which just got all the cash Aramco had on hand plus cash that Aramco could borrow. You got fleeced and own nothing. LOL

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Does the bloated Aramco chemicals organization produce chemicals or just produce reports about producing chemicals? I thought chemicals was just a huge organization of important titles and offices to staff saudis who needed jobs that required writing about work, not doing work. Does chemicals make ANYTHING after years of making reports about making things?

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