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Senior Management Is Criminal

Senior management likes to hide behind email and phone calls during layoff conversation versus having the respect to have face-to-face conversations. Not one of them has had the audacity to have a face-to-face conversation and give employees the respect they deserve. has lost $25 million in 15 months (hence the layoffs) and the people in the trenches are the ones losing their job. Please, SIRIS CAPITAL, question Denise Lynch, Michele Brevig and Kerry Baldwin for their negligence.

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"Is Lynch gone now?"

Where you been?

She left Web in Feb. Her Linked In profile shows this:
President, Enspire for Enterprise
Constellation Software, Inc.
Feb 2020 – Present-5 months

Jacksonville, Florida, United States

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The three stooges are GONE. Adios!

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Google her last executive leadership job she had and see what she did to that business. It’s her MO and she keeps getting away with it.

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Why does Denise still have a job?

Under her leadership sales has fallen apart and the book of business is experiencing preventable losses.

Blame is too easily shifted to anyone and everyone else. It's the #1 job of leadership to create an environment for success - teams and individuals are being set up for failure as a result of unrealistic goal setting, lack of prioritization, and inability to formulate a coherent strategy. Getting new sales and retaining clients are not strategies, but they're presented as strategies... if it requires explanation to leadership then there is a big problem.

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Denise and Michelle are the worst leaders I have seen. They are totally tone deaf and two faced. They blame sales and blame reps but never themselves. There were and are amazing CS being let go of. They have done nothing to cause the money drain but they are the ones that suffer and they are the ones who will struggle to feed their families while corrupt upper management live the life of luxury.

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So everyone should read the writing on the wall. The division is getting sold. Siri’s at this point is just trying to recoup their money. The executive leadership team has ran the org in the ground. The company has lost its premier Google partner status a few months ago. It’s loosing more revenue than it can bring in. Also the company has cut the sales force down to barely existing which means not a whole lot coming in as far as new revenue. The clients are fully aware of the state of the business and don’t like it so they are leaving. Competitors are also aware this and are poaching as many customers as they can. There will be more layoffs coming it will continue in waves. They will try to convince you to stay but don’t buy it. Just remember they hired several new hires that they had to then let go. Why would a company do this you ask? It’s to appear profitable and also to replace employees they want to get rid of.

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This is the 2nd layoff for for Enterprise (WE) since Denise Lynch has been the EVP. As part of the layoff and re-organization, WE will have it’s fourth head of sales in less than two years in order to try to fix the issue of not obtaining new clients. Sales leadership may be part of the issue but the largest issue is Denise Lynch. She is a leader with no backbone, no vision, no understanding of our products and no industry experience.

Employees are constantly being asked to do more with less and the executive leadership team (in particular Denise Lynch, Michele Brevig and Kerry Baldwin) have not been held accountable to the failure of the business. As the original poster mentioned, the business is bleeding clients with their largest client likely on the way out the door. Those who were laid off yesterday, and those who will likely be laid off in the future, are the ones who are holding up this house of cards while leadership makes decision after decision that will tear it down.

To our clients - start looking elsewhere. We are trying to do what’s right for you but we are working with a foot on our neck and our hands tied behind our backs.

To Sharon and the broader leadership team - this business will continue to fail with the leadership in place. There are good ideas on how to save the business but those voices are being silenced. If you want to know how to fix it, listen to Sandra Robinson, Michael Pugh and Nicole Cassis. They are bright minds who have great ideas that haven’t been listened to.

To SIRIS - Web for Enterprise could be a very profitable business and has proven to be one in the past. If you are just looking to sell off the client base or product, you would be missing out on a great investment. The problem isn’t the product or changing industry, it’s Denise Lynch.

To Denise, Michele and Kerry - Shame on all three of you - I hope you can sleep well at night knowing the decisions (or lack thereof) you have made are the ones that have ruined this once great business. Not once have any of you claimed responsibility for the failures of the last several years. Your excuses, finger pointing and tone deaf messages have literally ruined people’s lives. If you have any sense of humanity, just admit failure and step aside so someone can try to fix what you’ve done. If you can’t do that, then at least start listening to the smart people below you because their ideas are exponentially better than yours.

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