Thread regarding Tesla, Inc layoffs

Giga 1 turbulents

Mass firing coming before May. Not even hourly red badges are safe.

New layoffs will be pending during May, and beyond, since 1st quarter disappoints, and HR let anyone and everyone into Giga 1 last year.

It's getting sporty.


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So many people quit in April that very few were fired.

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As layoffs continue and loom while Model 3 suffers, how ya gonna staff that gargantuan facility without firing even more than originally planned?? If it's a car factory, it's gonna require a huge workforce. If it's a DC, it's not lucrative, but just another money-s---er.

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Lower-level MGMT

Analytics 101

Basic questions going completely unanswered, or being answered via riddles

Little bit of psych and ops eval

Lots of earned trust

Reality I am immersed in, rather than outside looking in through MSM, and alternative media eyes.

New distribution center (possible auto factory) almost complete in Cali (gotta fire to hire there -- and Shanghai -- while in Model 3 dire straits).

I could go on for hours.

May is a certainty.

Before May - I can't guarantee my first post, but I see lots of shuffling of late, and Tesla does not train people except in classrooms, so unprecedented, mass shuffling tells me chunks of departments will be cut loose, and many from all over plant will be ready to slide in and keep things moving

Besides that, prior layoff has not ceased. People still being forced out over minor infractions that are coachable in any other Industrial sector.

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Any idea what's the source for ur scoop? Are u in management?

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