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I know there's been a lot of negativity lately, and for good reason. My store is doing okay, but I have my concerns. I guess for the company overall, the majority of costs that can be cut have already been cut. I think. I don't know how many stores are underperforming still but these have to go. Either they are in poor locations or ANOW/Progressive is cannibalizing & beating them. But after this there will still be stores that are healthy right? I'm just trying to look at the upside.

My concerns: I would think most are in the same boat where over the last few years agreements are down but the average $ for each agreement is up. I just don't know how much more in price we can take them up before more customers just turn away? Then I'm worried with the 6 months same as cash change from last year. At least for me, a good number of agreements are coming up but it's not like I have a ton of new customers to replace them.

Anyways, just trying to be a little optimistic- maybe I'm wrong.

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The plan will only work if they can do away with all the cheating to hit numbers. Win at all costs can have different meaning to different people. Rac is running off all the good SMs, none left to successfully merge all those stores that they plan to close. It's a no win for rac, they should have sold and did a complete reboot. RAC 2.0!

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