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"Our Business Ethics"

Our Business Ethics

Apollo’s Code of Business Ethics (this "Code") is intended to express our ethical values and describes the expectations we have and the standards we set for ourselves. The Code guides our decision-making processes and shapes our approach to our work.

The Code also describes the standards and behaviors that govern our business dealings and interactions with others. It empowers us to promote and demonstrate the values we believe in. The Code defines our obligations—what we must do—as well as our aspirations—doing the right thing.

As such, this Code describes our character as a company and as employees of Apollo. The Code represents the commitment to ethical leadership of Apollo, our leaders and each of our employees.

All of us, Apollo leadership and employees alike, are dedicated to the Code and its principles. While the Code does not address all situations that we may encounter, it serves as a resource and a guide when seeking help.

Asking Questions or Reporting Concerns

If there is any reason to believe that there has been a violation of our Code, Apollo policy, or a law or regulation, or if an individual has witnessed what is believed to be illegal or unethical behavior in our workplace, employees have a responsibility to report this promptly. These issues may be reported via the following processes:

Contact the Apollo Ethics Helpline. The Helpline is available seven days a week on a 24-hour basis at 1-888-310-9569.

Report online at You may choose to make your report anonymously.

Please remember that concerns submitted via the Internet, intranet or via email are not encrypted and should not be considered secure or fully confidential.

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@Yma4bPB-9vii, has anyone bothered to call the helpline?

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It was posted to reflect how far UOP has veered from its core values. It is almost 180 degrees.

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Yes? This is bad?

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