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UNISYS Layoffs have started March 2019. Virginia state contract.

Unisys has laid off 10 system admins, 2 managers, and 1enterprise architect. It is also expected many more are coming in May and July for those that do not take other positions in the company forced onto them. The layoffs were performed by people in India over a conference phone. Different paperwork with different content was given to people with different "circumstances". A bait and switch company. In a Zoom meeting the day before, the president himself said they wanted to ask how the Y and Z generations want to be managed to attract that talent, seriously? I heard over 10 of the victims were at 40 or better in age. Are you that dumb? My advice to you is to never entertain working for this company unless you like to be beat up on and treated very badly. Many good dedicated people lost their job. I am trying to hang on before the next round of cuts come and find another place to go.

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It's amazing how much doublespeak comes out of this company. You said it yourself, they boast about wanting to attract and keep "top talent," yet the same people talk about how they adjust (only lower) benefits, reimbursements, etc. to keep in line with "industry standards." Many decisions are knee-jerk reactions and not well thought out for long term sustainability.

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