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So what does South University actually do?

South University-Savannah Online

Savannah, GA

5,242 undergraduate students



For-Profit City Medium

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Annual Cost





"My mom washes the dishes before she puts them in the washing machine. So what does the washing machine actually do?'

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The stats cited are meaningless p--p. Without a student denominator, 100% or 95% pass rates are a stupid marketing ploy used when virtually no one graduates.

South is a loan mill. Always has been and you may need to take that statistics class over again. Next time at someplace other than South.

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They turn a profit, for starters.

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correction to the above, its PA degree is one of the most competitive in the South east> We just got lumped with the riff raff!!

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its Anesthesia Assistant program is one of 12 in the nation, with 100% Board passing rate, it's pharmacy is one of very few 3 year Pharmacy degree with over 95% pass rate, above national average, it's PA it with the riff raff. Since getting away, money is staying here, and things are finally going back to a semblance of normal.

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It offers hope...often false ones. It also offers a convenient way to get an a steep price.

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