Thread regarding CA Technologies (CA Inc.) layoffs

Divestiture of Professional Services to HCL lead to divestment: is HCL a victim or guilty ?

Through all situation of former PS team in the entire world, what is the role of HCL in this sad situation: victim or guilty?

I would rather say 50/50.

Please help to estimate the percentage by telling what's going on in your country for former CA Services guys

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From what I see those at the helm of ca services knew what was coming and jumped. Look at the GM from the uk and his support team. They cut loose quickly, I am stuck for now but the market is heating up nicely. Have faith all.

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Workers rights are fine cut what about employers' rights? There's a balance. I'm not sure USA has the right balance but some countries in Europe are shooting themselves in the foot.

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Funny how workers outside of europe do not Recognize workers rights when they see them.

You would have been a great slave back in the day!

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bye all

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The European comments show why American companies shouldn’t hire in France or Italy unless they REALLY need people there. If your business needs change the workers go on strike until they get what THEY want or demand huge payouts.

This isn’t a European problem, it’s the norm there. But the working culture in the US and Europe is radically different.

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“Italy or other countries where a compensation has been paid to CA PS guys.”

Is the above true?

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Let's say it like it is, the whole transition process has been a sh-- show. It was better managed in the US than anywhere else, but if you look at it:

  • most Sales people in DACH,Scandinavia, Benelux did not accept the stay offer and managed to force a redundancy payment

  • more than half of Tech Support were put on transition (in some teams more) and now they lack people to actually do the job now that non-core is not going to a partner

  • the failure to find a partner to move the non-core customers to

  • the terrible HR department at Broadcom, for example threatening stay employees with dismissal if they do not blindly accept changed T&C (lolz)

There's more but you get where I'm coming from.

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interresting question ...

HCL has a vision and a strategy for Coe Broadcom but we can not ignore relationships between HCL and Broadcom before.

in France, i would say HCL is guilty (80%) and victim (20%).

HCL local team is doing its best, no doubt.

But HCL management cannot ignore that french Professional Services guys have been externalized without their agreement and with no compensation.

In the meantime, most of other BC colleagues have stopped to work since the 12 of July 2018 and are going to leave with 300 000 € to 500 000 €, tax free !!!!

So we can understand that there can be a lack of adhesion in HCL strategy because HCL should not have accepted this "externalization" operation. I think that adhesion is better in Italy or other countries where a compensation has been paid to CA PS guys.

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