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Nordstrom LP restructure

So LP has been restructured again in 2019 at Nordstrom. Smaller Rack stores are down to one ambassador and an LPM, any more ambassadors will be laid off, if not already. The person with the most seniority stays. But it seems the Security Ambassadors are being cut next(yes, that is our name now.) Agents are mostly mobile since 2018 restructure, and even that may change. We have one investigator per region as well (a late 2018 change made by corporate.) Nordstrom is hurting more than they will tell us. Between the different divisions seeing layoffs, it seems like no one but the top brass is safe.

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How about the stores where FLS/Rack both have the same LPM?

Are they dividing those stores back to having an LPM for FLS and an LPM for Rack or staying the same LPM for both?

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