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Layoffs after Q1 results

Let's be realistic, when results for first quarter are announced, there will be very little if any good news in it for us. Which, I'm betting, will lead to even more layoffs - considering that that seems to be the only thing Teradata upper management knows to do to try to fix things, even if we all know that it's only a short-term solution that solves nothing in the long run.

Anyhow, my point is, be prepared for more layoffs in May. I'll be shocked if they don't happen.

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Which ps?

“I know of two people from PS let go last week.”

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I know of two people from PS let go last week.

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Big lay-off is already started in hidden way.

In my office just some PS and CS have received a HR call. In this way after the results may communicate a lower % because several are already kick out .

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