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We can't afford more layoffs

Not sure about other teams, but between layoffs and people quitting and nobody replacing them we are barely able to do our job as it is. All of us are already forced to do work of at least two people (for same pay, mind you.) If any more people are laid off, I can guarantee you things will come to a screeching halt here.

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Cuts are coming from high in the sky (i.e. directly HR) so that there is no space for internal discussions and escalations that could slow down the headcount reduction process.

Customers find out that the person supporting them for years is not going to join a planned meeting at the same time as the field organization learns the person got fired.

It is impossible to prepare a communication plan to try and mitigate the impact of the news.

It is just a nightmare for the account executive and the engagement manager and this is not only in commercial accounts, also in megadata companies.

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When bill ability is < 50% you have room to reduce cost . GM is key for stocks

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Which area of the business are you in?

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