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AT laid off over 300 people last week

I spoke to someone in the AEC today, because I was laid off last week. They said they are processing the over 300 people laid off last week, so it's taking a while to send out confirmations that they received your paperwork.

Just talked to a friend who is still there...more layoffs in IT today.

God I hope anyone left is running for the door! Completely mismanaged company.

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Can confirm the details. We were given a severance package with approximately 6 week's worth of wages, but in order to get it (we're set to get it at Sept 1), we're required to sign a document outlining the terms of the severance, and some other ride-along clauses, including signing away our rights to participate in class action lawsuits against the company or to sue for discrimination, our ability to "tarnish" the company's reputation (lol, what reputation?), a requirement to notice the company ahead of time if we're contacted as part of a government investigation, and a bunch of other sketchy things.

We're also supposed to keep the details of the severance confidential, but I haven't signed it yet (don't plan to), so I don't officially acknowledge that part.

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yep I can confirm more layoffs today in IT and SQA. Not a happy time at AmTrust.

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