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Signing additional clauses to get severance

Can confirm the details. We were given a severance package with approximately 6 week's worth of wages, but in order to get it (we're set to get it at Sept 1), we're required to sign a document outlining the terms of the severance, and some other ride-along clauses, including signing away our rights to participate in class action lawsuits against the company or to sue for discrimination, our ability to "tarnish" the company's reputation (lol, what reputation?), a requirement to notice the company ahead of time if we're contacted as part of a government investigation, and a bunch of other sketchy things.

We're also supposed to keep the details of the severance confidential, but I haven't signed it yet (don't plan to), so I don't officially acknowledge that part.

Thought this was some good info from @Ywo3CdK-1rng

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"Wow! what is that all about?"

Looking it over, I'm mistaken on that part. The document requires it for testimony in a court case. There's so many nuances and almost contradictory statements in there that I needed to take a second look at that - all of the stuff about not being able to sue for discrimination or participate in a class action lawsuit are true. Looking at the document, it goes on to name the Civil Rights Act (Title VII of 1964, Civil Rights Acts of 1866 and 1991), ADA, ERISA, ADEA, FMLA, SOX, False Claims Act, OSHA, Ohio Whistleblower Protection Law (hilariously enough the document also says that nothing's allegedly there to prevent us from being able to whistleblow to proper government agencies), Ohio Equal Pay Law, etc.

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"a requirement to notice the company ahead of time if we're contacted as part of a government investigation"

Wow! what is that all about?

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