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Hey now.. Record bookings, this is like 38 quarters out of 40 with record bookings... Your managers, direct and upper, are ALL receiving bonuses , so be it, much smaller but they still make extra $$$ making the associate monkeys do their tricks while the associates go with out raises. They sell extended contracts over many years, further out then normal, so the SAID amount looks much higher but what trickles in each year for the said contract is very small... They hid where the "record" bookings came from once again. My direct leaders , who moved onto directors and VPs have no business being in a software company. Zero experience , when they were hired, all the wrong experience , ( physical education ) the list goes on... You have family , friends who became "upper leadership" in may areas Many in RD have zero Software/IT/Computer experience but are SME, directors or VPs in RD? If it was NOT such a great train wreck to watch and listen too, I would have been gone along time ago... or maybe I am.. working remote, the clueless A$$s don't know.. dual checks... Allscripts is the office on steroids …. lots of

Come find me at one of the local bars near NH. Working remote, only 20 mins , (miles or time? ) from work... the "numbers game".... "work late" perfect job...

Catch-me if you can:-) I DONT CARE and nether should Anyone working at Allscripts.

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Well, this is sad to read. There are a lot of healthcare professionals out there doing their job with the c-appy system you aren't apparently trying to improve. Patients clearly aren't getting the best either. Sounds like Allscripts is full of unprofessional turds.

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I did that for 3 months...after that gave 2 week notice, got 2 more weeks of pay out of them.. My numbers slipped ( :-) but not one manager said anything.. to my dismay ...

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