Thread regarding Dream Center Education Holdings, LLC (DCEH) layoffs

another scam - David Halperin need to investigate

find out if these people /company has any relationship to dceh / BR etc

scam - start a non profit coding school - sound familiar? -- make all kinds of promises - even offer free education -- and jobs - then lay /fire the staff, instructors etc - sound familiar? it's a win win for the company - they get grant money from the government.

These people need to go to jail!

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Things work the way the courts say they work.

You know when folks resort to name calling there is no argument left for them. All of your political rags mean nothing!. The following link mean everything.

The latest conclusion for those to lazy to read what the courts says is as follows.


For all the foregoing reasons, South respectfully requests that the Final Order provide

that: (1) South will have continued access to the DCEH IT Platform through September 30,

2019; (2) the Receiver shall execute and enter into Studio Enterprise Manager, LLC’s (“Studio”)

proposed sublease, as described in (ECF # 230); (3) South bears no obligation to pay DCEH or

the Receiver fees or amounts that are not related to services actually furnished to South or

amounts duplicating payments already made; and (4) South retains all rights and claims it may

have against DCEH and any other Receivership Entities. South reserves the right to file a

supplement or update as may be required in light of potential future developments.

Those are the facts. Just the facts. There is none of my opinion there! What has Trump got to do with it? There is no ideology in what I have written. Just the court facts.

Halperin's opinion does not matter. Neither does the New York Times, Washington Post's, Huffington Post's, and all the other pretenders.

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More of the dum-dum version of how things work. You are a simpleton, just like Trump.

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What's this got to do with DCEH layoffs? Then, do you really think Halperin is an investigator or enen a journalist?

"promising to teach West Virginians how to write computer code and then get them well-paying jobs," If someone made such a promise to you would you believe it? You don't learn code because someone says they will teach you. Think that would stand up in court? But your honor, they said they would teach me. How was I to know I would be a dumb a-- at learning code.

Again, the source. New York Times? Has there ever been a credible journalistic source given here other than the courts orders? Stop your knee jerk reactions. Read what the courts decide! The courts decide who goes to jail, NOT YOU. That's the way this country works. Not what some political rag thinks.

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It's worse than you know.

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