Thread regarding ConocoPhillips layoffs

Big Day Tomorrow: Tell-All Shareholder Meeting. Topics for Discussion:

ConocoPhillips became an independent E&P company May 1, 2012. Some facts:


MARKET CAP: 2012-2019 7-year CAGR of 0.5 percent per year (essentially dead money)

May 1, 2012: $68.6 Billion

May 1, 2019: $70.8 Billion


DIVIDEND: Decreased 54 percent

May 1, 2012: $2.64 per share

May 1, 2019: $1.22 per share


SHARE PRICE: 2012-2019 7-year CAGR of 1.5 percent per year (essentially dead money)

May 1, 2012: $56.51 per share

May 1, 2019: $62.67 per share


PROVED RESERVES: Decreased 38 percent

Reported YE 2012: 8.6 MMBOE

Reported YE 2018: 5.3 MMBOE


PRODUCTION: Decreased 14 percent

Reported 2012 Daily Average: 1,527 MBOEPD

Reported Jan-Mar 2019 Daily Average: 1,318 MBOEPD


EMPLOYEES: Decreased 36 percent

Reported YE 2012: 16,900

Reported March 1, 2019: 10,800


May 1, 2012: World largest independent E&P based on production, reserves & market cap

May 1, 2019: Displaced by OXY following pending Anadarko acquisition


All of this achieved since May 1, 2012. CEO has received in excess of $100 million dollars in total compensation during this period.

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaand nothing.

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Disappointing meeting. Company will just continue to drift along like a Wal-Mart plastic bag blowing in the wind.

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The meeting will start shortly. Perhaps the shareholders will get some clarity as to where the company is going. We already know where it has been. Not good. Not good at all. Hope we are not fed the usual razzle-dazzle Power Point presentation that does not address underlying shareholder concern.


The value of the company assets is not increasing. Why:

CAPEX Program: not adding any realized market value

Asset Sales: not adding any realized market value

Debt Reduction: not adding any realized market value

Stock Buy-Backs: not adding any realized market value

Layoffs: not adding any realized market value

Power Point Presentations: not adding any realized market value

Perhaps an outright sale or merger of the company is in order. Something has to be changed. Shareholders have been told wonderful things for the past 7 years yet the market cap does not change.

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Perhaps there will be some commentary regarding efforts to improve the market cap. It seems company funds have been poorly utilized. There has been no significant change in the

market cap value which is the ultimate measure of performance.

Why do we continue with stock by-backs?

Why have we continued to invest in unconventional shale?

Maybe management will provide some granularity to the shareholders during the meeting regarding what changes will be made. Clearly, what we are doing is not working.

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