Thread regarding Avaya layoffs

A lot of people leaving all of a sudden

We always have attrition, but what's been happening in the last several weeks if significantly above anything we've seen so far at our location.

What could be the cause of it? The company is neither better nor worse than it has been in the past year or so.

Is there something happening I should know about?

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I wouldn't leeve Avaya if i was working they're. I think Avayawill hire distreabuition teacknitions again to pull cable and return to those glory days of boxes of wire being hot shot to jobbs and pulling cables out of boxes and feeding them to friends and taping drags to the wire. I need pracktice doing that again its been a while. I really emjoyed taking brakes with my coworkers and telling them things we really bonded thats why i miss overtime and double time after 8 hours it was good eazy moneay. I herd the rimoer that distinguishes technicanion job will be comeang back veryee soon. So i here only technicians are leeaving the compeany abs they will bring back skilled dt teks like me to help run wire and get overartime. So if anyeaby heres anything about dt jobb post here i pull wire out of boxes and snake through walls

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