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Genious, AT&T to prioritized Streaming Service

AT&T apparently has never heard the phrase, "a bird in hand is worth two in a bush". They abandon their customers in pursuit of new customers. Their acquisition cost for new customers in far greater than offering current customers more value.

the problem?

At&T does not provide enough internet speed in most areas. This will be another blow to Direct TV. Good Luck


Cable and satellite TV using set top boxes is outdated technology. AT&T should start streaming service with ala carte options.

Lets see if we can get a fourth HUGE mistake for this terrible CEO..

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Part of the deep state and it doesn't matter of terminating anyone. Work outside of this parasite that feeds on the backs of people and using people as recycleable trash.

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Not only abandon, acquire a number of them fraudulently. As a Ted Legacy staffer, its been real interesting how the only interest T has shown toward us as employees is to offer discounted services, which turn out to actually not even be competitive with other companies, they pretend it was a mistake when they sign you up for regular consumer rates, even though you have jumped through the hoops of signing up through the employee site and used the special employee phone number,

What gives, bait and switchmeisters . . . not impressed.

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